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The Oracles Ancient Jeans

The Oracles Ancient Jeans

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SIZING GUIDE: Go with your hip sizes, and expect the length of the jeans to stack! 
                         With the distressing of the jeans you can expect the jeans to hang low no                           matter what your hip size is

Fall / Winter 2023 Oracle
Jeans tattered to their last strands, worn for an eternity and were an article of the Oracle who resided inside the Hour Glass of Time, whom was responsible for documenting every epoch of Humankind before the sand stopped raining and atmosphere of the hour glass cracked...

…These jeans are a hyperbole of wearing clothing till its last thread. They will change as you wear them, the fidelity of its fibers are ever changing, and so the way they style will change as you wear them. They will start out less tattered than the image, and progress till past the point of the jeans imaged. ( the Jeans imaged have been worn for 10 months are fit great) 

Please allow for up to 3 weeks for jeans to be sourced, made and shipped if in the US. (Orders outside the US add a expect 5-6 weeks) 

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